Parent Advisory Council

 Welcome to the Parent Advisory Council for our School, Ecole Secondaire R.A.McMath Secondary.

As a parent/guard of a McMath student you automatically belong to and are a voting member of the R.A. McMath Parent Advisory Council (PAC). Parent representatives also form the working committee (PAC Executive).

PAC Executive 2020 - 2021

PAC Chair:   Ms. Samantha Harrison

Vice Chair:  Ms. Dionne McFie

Treasurer:   Mr. Jon Lee

Secretary:   Ms. Megan Riter, Ms. Cinda Wootton

Parents also have representation in the Richmond District Parents' Association providing a link with other schools in Richmond and BC.


Mission Statement

  • committed to the quality of education and well-being of the students at McMath.
  • to work cooperatively with staff, administration, students, and parents/guardians to strengthen the involvement of families and the community in the education of the students of McMath.


  • communicate with parent/guardians
  • promote the involvement of parents in the education of their children
  • provide a forum for parents/guardians to understand and have input into the school's policies and practices
  • promote the development of positive family, school, and community relations
  • provide support for school-based initiatives and activities


This is a time for all parents to hear the latest on happenings at McMath, to discuss parents' ideas and ask questions.

McMath PAC meetings are generally held on a Tuesday evening from 7:00 - 9:00 pm and due to the current pandemic, all meetings will be held virtually.  The dates for this school year are

  • Sept. 21, 2021
  • Oct. 19, 2021
  • Nov. 16, 2021
  • Jan. 18, 2022
  • Feb. 15, 2022
  • Apr. 19, 2022
  • May 17, 2022


  • Updates from the school administration, usually presented by our Principal, Ms. Jane McFadyen
  • Committee Reports covering areas such as parent education workshops, grad, RDPA - Richmond District Parents Association
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • General and New Business
  • Periodic guest speakers

Any parents wishing to be added to the PAC Distribution list, please email us at


Thank you!

PAC Chair