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McMath School-Wide 

Behavioural Expectations




Students and staff are to exhibit the following core values of our school at all times, whether within the school and its facilities, or acting as ambassadors while out in the surrounding community, or on field trips representing our school. At McMath we believe that students and staff shall demonstrate a:


Positive Attitude:

To recognize and develop opportunities to create positive environments for self and others.



To value self, others and the environment. 



To be honest, trustworthy and moral.



To accept and welcome all individuals-- to appreciate the ideas and experiences of those different from themselves.



To establish goals and expectations, acknowledging when situations are difficult, and choosing to persevere.


These principles (developed by students,  staff & parents), will serve as the foundation for school conduct for all members of our school community.  The complete PRIDE rubric which outlines our school’s expectations in the classroom, in common areas of the school, and on-line, can be viewed in both the student agendas and school calendar.