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Dry After Grad 2024

Dry After Grad 2024

Welcome Parents!

What is a Dry After Grad (DAG)?

A Dry After Grad is an all-night, parent supervised celebration, for graduating students only. The DAG is intended to reflect the graduates’ achievements and acknowledge their high school completion. The event includes entertainment, music, food, activities, games, etc. Attendance by the student is optional however students cannot attend the DAG if they do not attend the Dinner and Dance event immediately preceding the DAG.

DAG has been a McMath tradition since the 1990s and students look forward to this event as a highlight of their graduation festivities. Last year we had approximately 230 students attend.

Why is it important?

Graduation night has long been associated with risky and illegal behaviours that can harm students and their communities. The main goal is to provide a safe ALCOHOL, DRUG AND TOBACCO FREE alternative on grad night and to send a message that alcohol and drugs are not essential to have FUN. This prohibition is strictly enforced.


The DAG is held in the McMath school rotunda and various wings throughout the school.


Directly following the Grad Dinner and Dance, starting after 11 pm. The 2024 event will be held on Thursday, June 27th until 5 am Friday, June 28th.

Who organizes the DAG?

Every year at McMath, a newly formed Grade 12 Parent DAG Committee organizes and runs the event with the help of Grade 10 and 11 parent volunteers who act as “shadows” to learn the ropes for the following year. An event of this size requires a large group of grade 12 parents to organize it, and approximately 12 parents Chair each of the following committees:

· Chair/Co-Chair

· Treasurer

· Secretary

· Bag Drop-off

· Decorations

· Entertainment

· Food

· Fundraising

· Donations

· Red Carpet

· Security

· Takedown

· Transportation

For more information on how parents and caregivers can get involved, please email

Please find the meeting schedule below