Subject Award and Major Award Winners!

We were so happy to have an in-person Major Awards Evening on June 22nd along with our Grade Assemblies and Subject Awards!

Our Major Award Winners were presented with their awards along previous year winners. 

Alex Campbell Humanitarian Award

This award was established to honour our first Principal upon his retirement. This winner will be a student in Grades 10 through 12 with good academic standing, good citizenship in the school and community, respected by staff and peers, and has demonstrated Humanitarianism at home or abroad.

2022 Lynna S

2020 Megan M


Gillian Cooper Leadership

The Gillian Cooper Leadership Award was named after our 2003 Valedictorian, Gillian Cooper. This award goes to the top student leader in the community and school who leads by example, demonstrates service both in the school and community, and has the ability to have a positive effect on the world around us.

2022 Anabella S and Ashley M

2021 Stephanie C and Raeyan M

2020 Annie W


Spirit of the Fraser

This award is presented to the student who has demonstrated outstanding growth as a student and person, through courageousness, determination, and commitment.

2022 Kaba K, Stephen P and Bruno E

2021 Merrick D

2020 Hayley M


McMath Award of Distinction

The McMath Award of Distinction is presented to a student or students who have dedicated hours and demonstrated leadership in a particular area or event that has benefitted the school or community.

2022 Kelsey G and Julia G

2021 Hania E and Lynna S

2020 Max Y and Elizabeth K



McMath Pride

The McMath Pride Award is presented to a student who has dedicated countless hours and demonstrated outstanding leadership in the organization of events and activities (which may or may not be reflected in recorded service hours) that benefited and enriched the lives of all students at McMath.

2022 Alexandra S and Sofia P

2021 Taylor M and Hector L

2020 Eric L and Tristian F

Environmental Impact

The Environmental Impact Award goes to the student whose contributions have been significant and who has also shown leadership with environmental issues.

2022 Kate N

2021 Julian H

2020 Amy D and Tommy Y


Subject Awards winners! Certificates and Awards were handed out during our Grade Assemblies on June 22nd.! 



Subject Awards are presented to students who have excelled in a particular subject area.


Business education & Information Technology Awards

Computer Technology 10                            Mixia K

Entrepreneurship & Marketing 10                Alex Ma

Computer Technology 10                           Mixia K(Grade 9)

Digital Communications 11                        Emi N

Marketing & Promotion 11                         Angel Y

Media Design 11                                       Shelley J

Digital Media Development 12                   Amelie R

Accounting 11                                           Kevin M              

Accounting 12                                          Weiwei W

E-Commerce & Marketing 12                     Marea F

Law 12                                                     Marea F and Maya L

Work Experience 12 – Business Education            Claire M

Work Experience 12 – Information Technology      Connie L

Work Experience 12 – Law Enforcement               Eric H

Work Experience 12 – Law                                    Avora M

Top All Round Student - Business Education         Kelsey G

Top All Round Student - Information Technology   Sophie P


Fine Arts Awards

Art, Photography, Performing Arts, and Music Awards.  

Art Studio 8                   Peony G

Art Studio 9                   Hannah Z

Art Studio 10                 Annette C

Art Studio 11                 Selena A

Art Studio 12                 Julienne Z

2D Art 9                        Twiggy C

2D Art 10                       Selena W

2D Art 11                       Miranda B

2D Art 12                       Lucy K

3D Art 9                         Laura S

3D Art 10                       Jessica P

3D Art 11                       Anna B

3D Art 12                       Tali G

Art Honours 11              Kelly J

AP Studio Art 12            Emma W

Photography Level 1       Kate M

Photography Level 2       Simon C and Selena W

Photography Level 3       Felix F and Carleigh G                              

Yearbook 11                  Katie F

Yearbook 12                  Shaleena E

Drama 8                      Rebecca N & Cyrus Y

Drama 9                      Sarah S & Adeline L

Drama 10                      Lexie T and Katie H                        

Acting 11                      Russell Z and Ethan J

Acting 12                      Liam H and Chloe M                                

Directing And Script Development 12          Amelie R

Band 8                                    Caroline G

Concert Band 9                      Cole G

Concert Band 10                     Heiley W

Concert Band 11                     Davis D

Concert Band 12                     Constance L

Jazz Band 10                           Adam R

Jazz Band 11                          Oscar P

Jazz Band 12                          Owen C

Contemporary Music 9             Fiorella V

Contemporary Music 10           Jordi W

Contemporary Music 11           Charles B

Contemporary Music 12           Jeno C

Music Student Of The Year      Jordi W

Spirit Of Music                       Josh Song


English and Social Studies Awards

English 8                       Fiona L & Natalia R

English 9                       Sophie I & Noa S

Literary Studies 10         Rebecca W

Composition 10              Fernando M

Literary Studies 11         Gabriella T

Creative Writing 11        Miranda B

New Media 11               Malcolm D

English Studies 12          Isabella A

Humanities 8                 Peony G & Caroline G

Social Studies 9             Stephanie W

Social Studies 10                              Venice C

Explorations In Social Studies 11       Helena A

Geography 12                                  Andrew C

History 12                                       Kevin M

Philosophy 12                                  Darius Z

Social Justice 12                               Julia G

Genocide Studies 12                         Hannah M


Applied Skills:  Food & Textiles

Foods Level 1                 Daymon W & Ava Y

Foods Level 2                Annika E and Mikayla M

Foods Level 3                Rowan O and Amy B

Textiles 1                      Lyla P

Textiles 2                      Lexi L

Textiles 3                      Millie M

Electronics Level 1                  Melody L

Electronics Level 2                  Nilolai G

Electronics Level 3                  Abdurisaq H

Drafting & Design 1                 Bettina L

Drafting & Design 2                Graydon W

Drafting & Design 3                Jacob A

Drafting & Design 4                Angel Y

Animation 12                          Audrey H

Woodwork Level 1         Twiggy C

Woodwork Level 2         Stella L

Woodwork Level 3         Ted W

Woodwork Level 4         Eric H

Metal Work 1                Matthew C

Metal Work 2                Maccoy H

Metal Work 3                Makena D

Metal Work 4                Riley M

Art Metal / Jewellery 1       Lan-Vi N

Skills Exploration Level 1        Adam B

Skills Exploration Level 2        Alec S

Shills Exploration Level 3        Nathan S

Robotics Level 1                     Nathan W

Robotics Level 3                     Sherea L


Mathematics Awards

Mathematics 8                                        Yilin D

Mathematics 8/9                                     Fiona L

Mathematics 9                                        Jason S

Workplace Mathematics 10                        Jamie V

Foundation of Math and Pre-Calculus 10      Rachel S (Gr 9)

Pre-Calculus 11                                         Dana H

Pre-Calculus 11 Honours                            Hsin Jung L

Foundation of Mathematics 11                    Stephanie K

Workplace Mathematics 11                        Tintin W

Pre-Calculus 12                                         Kevin M

Foundation of Mathematics 12                    Constance L

AP Calculus 12                                         Lynna S and Joanna S

Pascal Math Contest Grade 9                     Fiona L

Cayley Math Contest Grade 10                    Zachary K

Fermat Math Contest Grade 11                    Maxwell G

Euclid Math Contest Grade 12                    Kelly J

Work Experience Health Sciences and Biotechnology      Angela M


Modern Languages

French 8                      Louis B

French 9                     Chris T

French 10                      Heiley W

French 11                      Kevin M

French 12                      Lynna S

Spanish 9                      Nora C

Spanish 10                     Michael S

Spanish 11                     Alexa W

Spanish 12                     Amelie R

Mandarin Chinese 9       Emily S

Mandarin Chinese 10      Eric Y

Mandarin Chinese 11      Ming X

Mandarin Chinese 12      Ciro Z

AP  Chinese Language and Culture 12         Harry Z

Japanese 9                      Sharon Z

Japanese 10                   Angela H

Japanese 11                   Nicole V

Japanese 12                   Kate L

Top Modern Language    Victoria W


Physical Education

Physical and Health Education 8        Tamsin B

Education physique et sante 8           Joshua R

Phyisical and Health Education 9        Ethan C

Education physique et sante 9           Noa S

Physical and Health Education 10      Rebecca W

Education Physique Et Sante 10         Michael S

Outdoor Education 11                       Kai R

Outdoor Education 12                       Amira B

Fitness And Conditioning 12              Pierce J and Reade P


Science Awards

Science 8                                                           Adrian C

French Immersion Sciences Naturalles 8         Declan F

Science 9                                                          Adeline L

French Immersion Sciences Naturalles 9         Nora C

Science 10                                                         Kelly H

French Immersion Sciences Naturalles 10        Michael S

Life Sciences 11                                                 Selene W

Chemistry 11                                                     Miranda B

Chemistry 11 Honours                                        Tony T and Kevin M

Physics 11                                                         Aiden C

Anatomy And Physiology 12                               Ashley M and Alyssa D

Chemistry 12                                                     Isabella S and Lynna S

Physics 12                                                         Janet Ye And

                                                                        Isabella Schaffer


John Currie Cup for Excellence in Science            Angela M


French Immersion

French Immersion sciences humaines 8                 Katherine F

Francais langue 9                                                    Nora C

Français langue et sciences humaines 9                Matai D

 Français langue et sciences humaines 10               Kristyna F

Sciences humaines 10                                                 Jordi M

Communication Orale 11                                              Makena D

Explorations en Sciences Humaines er Sociales 11           Alexa W

Education au Choix de Carriere et de vie                        Serena P

Francais Langue 12                                                      Amelie R


Leadership Awards

Leadership Level 1         Isabellla A, Ryan B, Olivia B, Lauren D, Natasha F, Catherine G, Kaiya H, Kiayra H, Dana H,

                                       Natalia L, Lyle L, Jacob L, Ashley M, Charlotte M, Kyle N, Rowan O, Oswin P, Cherry P, Ace R,                                                Brandon S, Meghan S, Brooklyn S, Serena W, Sophie W, Alexa W and Bruce Y                      Leadership Level 2         Miranda B, Adrian C, Hayden D, Amy G, David K, Emily M, Hannah M, Ben M, Tianna N, Sarah P,                                               Amelia S, Ashleigh W, Maya Z

Leadership Level 3         Liam A, Josh H, Ella H, Jia L, Jaya P, Alexandra S, Katarina S, Angel Y     

Leadership Level 5         Amani A

Difference Maker Award          Josh H, Stella L, Jaya P, Hayden D


First Responders                                       Julienne Z and Kevin Z

University Of Toronto Book Award             Weiwei W


Top Academic & Athletic Awards

Top Academic Grade 10           Shelly J and Maxwell G

Top Academic Grade 11           Andrew C and Miranda B

Top Academic Grade 12           Nicole V

Grade 8 Top Athlete                Rebecca N & Aidan Y

Grade 9 Top Athlete                Mirella F & Brandon S

Grade 10 Top Athlete               Tiana M and Zachary K

Grade 11 Top Athlete               Marina R and Holt M                                     

Grade 12 Top Athlete               Teagan N and Max K                                             

Campbell Cup                         Jacob B

Sportsmanship Award              Andreas C and Emma B


We’d like to congratulate all the recipients, they are truly representatives of the entire student body of McMath - first class students who are committed and involved people. 


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