Evidence- Camping Enhances PRIDE

At the end of camp, Grade 8 students took some time to reflect on their experience for the past three days. They were asked a series of questions relating to camp and all students were encouraged to be honest and truthful. Here's a quick summary of their reflection.


1) How did you demonstrate PRIDE over the last few days?

Majority of students wrote:

  • being more respectful
  • cheering on other students and gave positive support
  • cleaning up their mess after each meal
  • listening to staff and peers

2) Connections are important to our school culture. Talk about new connections you’ve made.

Majority of students wrote:

  • made a lot of new friends
  • got to know the staff better

3) How have you benefitted from camp?

Majority wrote:

  • going beyond their comfort level
  • being more comfortable in a group setting
  • more connections


In reading through all the reflections, we have noticed that the vast majority of students enjoyed camp. They were able to make new friends and build positive relations with staff. Students are now more comfortable with each other, and they are more respectful of their peers. This camp was a huge success in that enhanced PRIDE, and it also allowed our students to build more connections with staff and other students.

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021