Evidence-Scanning For Success

After talking to a vast number of students from Grade 8-12s, here is what we found,

1. Can you name two adults that believe you will be successful? How do you know?

                   96% of the students can name two adults in our school that believe that the students will be successful.  The students view that when adults show support and encouragement, it's a sign that the adults believe in them.


2. What does success mean to you?

                   The majority of students do not necessarily associate achieving an "A" as being successful.  They view success as trying your best and being happy.


3. With regards to your learning, what are some of your successes? What are some of your challenges?

                   Most students view doing well on one or more courses as an indicator of their success.  Their challenges include time management and staying focus.


4. Describe how you are using the Core Competencies (CC) inside and outside of class.

                  Grade 8-10 students have trouble identifying the CC and are confused with PRIDE.  Only 25% of students in Grade 11-12 were able to identify and apply the CC.


5. What makes you happy?

                 Having friends is the number 1 factor in a student's happiness.


Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021