Scanning For Success Pt 2

During the Ed. Fac. Meeting in February, 16 members of our staff participated in the questionnaire. To encourage in-depth feedback, we opted to do this in an interview-style format instead of a quick survey, and here's what the staff had to say.

1) What does student success look like to you?
       The most common answers for this were being positive, showing growth, and meeting personal goals.

2) What are your successes and challenges at McMath?
      The top answer for successes: Relationship with students
      The top answer for challenges: Keeping up with change

3) How can we, as a whole, increase students' awareness of the Core Competencies and provide opportunities for them to practice and become proficient?
      The most common answers for this were getting staff to buy in, ensure consistency, and include this in the daily routine.

4) What is it about teaching at McMath that makes you happy?
     The top answer for this is the students.


Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021