Forms & Special Applications

Personalized forms will be provided to all current grade 8-11 students.  Below are blank PDF Program Planning Forms available for download:



Course Applications:

  • Grade 12 Second Study Block* (Yellow sheet available in Counselling Ctr.)
  • Peer Tutoring 12 (White sheet, please see your counsellor)



In the interests of maintaining a positive school tone for staff and students to work during instructional hours, the notion of “study blocks” are restricted to one per grade 12 student who meets the school’s criteria.  Only students who are successfully meeting all their graduation requirements will be considered.

This is non-credit, unsupervised time within the school day.  While in the school, students will be expected to be independently studying or working on projects/assignments in designated areas in the school.  A study block is neither intended nor designed to be a “free block.”  The study block is intended to provide an opportunity for responsible grade 12 students to assume responsibility for the use of unstructured learning time.


Grade 12s who wish to apply for a second study block may do so by completing the Second Study Block Application form, which must be signed by a parent.