Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Courses

The A.P. program at McMath Secondary School  involves acceleration and enrichment for motivated and hard-working students looking for a challenge at the grade 12 level.  Successful completion of an A.P. course will result in additional credits (vary depending on the course) towards the student’s graduation requirements.  In addition, most North American (and many other) universities and colleges will award advanced placement and/or credit to students with high standing in A.P. courses (however, this should not be the main reason for enrolling in an A.P. course). The A.P. program helps students pursue intellectual activities of a challenging nature and develop higher level thinking skills, such as independent study and research, analysis of knowledge, subject enrichment and sociological implications of the various areas of study.  Advanced Placement exams are written in May each year (there is a fee per exam) and the results are sent to each student by the College Board in July. All exams contain both multiple-choice items and free response items that require essay writing, problem solving and other skills.  


McMath will offer Advanced Placement courses or a blended Ministry course with A.P. Course Enrichment in the following subjects where there is sufficient enrollment:

  • Art 11 Honors and AP Studio Art 2-D 12,
  • Biology 11 Honors and Biology 12 Honors,
  • Calculus 12 AB,
  • Chermistry 11 Honors and Chemistry 12 Honors,
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture 12,
  • AP English Literature & Composition 12,
  • AP French Language 12, 
  • Physics 11 Honors & Physics 12 Honors 

If you are hoping to write an AP exam for a course not offered at McMath please see one of the Vice Principals.