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Ecole Robert A. McMath Secondary is a dual track grade 8 to 12 semester school located in the heart of the Steveston area of Richmond. It currently has approximately 1200 students with over 400 enrolled in the French Immersion Program.  In grades 11 and 12, there are Honors and Advanced Placement courses in a number of subjects. There are also a vast number of elective options offered that provide students with opportunities to experience new areas of study or to specialize. This year we are fortunate to have over 50 long term International students from a variety of countries studying in our classrooms and enriching the cultural fabric of the school. The vast majority of our grade 12 students indicate plans to pursue some form of post-secondary education in the future.  Our students perform exceptionally well in all areas of education, Academics, Athletics, and the Arts. The students within the school also have options of some 50 passion driven clubs to explore deeper learning & to form positive connections with other like-minded peers via this vast array of opportunities. 

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